Athlete Performance Manager (APM)?

APM is an Ultra Athletics tool that allows an athlete to manage their progress while trying to reach a desired goal.

Timekeeper Diary

Store your personal training times online and view them in graph or excel format.

Time Trials

Time trials allow coaches to periodically monitor an athletes performance over time. Athletes can access this data online and compare their performance to other athletes.

Comparison Graphs

Compare your best times with fellow athletes. Displayed in bar or line graphs. Athletes and coaches can export data in excel format for further use.

Live Race Results

Parents, friends and athletes can view race results in real time.

What is our motto?

"Athletics brings hopes, dreams and inspire our athletes to do more."

Who are we?

We are Ultra Athletics Club, a friendly club based in Cape Town that trains and coaches from under 7 to Open and Masters.

Ultra Athletics Club (UAC) is more than simply just about training and coaching.

  • It’s about inspiration…
  • It’s about hopes and dreams…
  • It’s about living life to the full…
  • It’s about keeping fit and healthy...
  • It’s about developing and nurturing an athletics sportsmanship culture and a belief system that anything is possible!
  • It’s about turning trials and tribulations into triumphs and victories!
  • It’s knowing that hard work, determination and effort definitely pays off.
  • It’s learning that, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

We train within a variety of communities of which many are underprivileged.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend that these young athletes come from very trying and difficult circumstances with so many social and environmental problems for their young selves to handle. But the minute they start training and running, their faces light up and they don’t have a worry in the world. Yes, the wonders of athletics...And that is one of the reasons we do this.

May the Almighty bless and protect them all, because they are such Ultra cool kids, these young athletes.

Athletics also keeps these young athletes safe and off the streets. It also instils a keen interested in sport, away from gangsterism and drugs.

Ultra Athletics Club brings communities together and we combine to become ONE ULTRA at competitions.

Coaches are IAAF qualified. So you get trained by experienced, qualified coaches with opportunity to compete in forthcoming events at a local, provincial and national level.

Join up with athletes of your own caliber and make new friends. Officials, and volunteers are all welcome too.